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  • The city should start a 311 system, like 911, but for less urgent calls.
  • The city's mayor complaint center should be re-opened, but re-tooled. That line should not be for the mayor to brand as his.
  • All the complaints to the mayor's complaint center should be part of a help-desk set-up with computer job tracking for all city employees to see. Lots of the content can also be re-positioned for the web to see too. Private caller info can be hidden in the on-line version.
  • I was in favor of a merger between 911 services with the city and the county. The merger took way to long and makes a good example of how former Mayor Tom Murphy was a failure at advancing his agenda and getting anything accomplished.
  • The city of Pittsburgh should be able to establish a reverse 911 system. As a project of my office, I'll set one up to better communicate with residents.

Insights Reverse 911 capabilities should be started.Edit

A reverse 911 system send out-going phone calls to residents and businesses. So, if there has been a bank hold-up, or a train wreck with a chemical leak, or some other pressing matter -- a phone system would be activated with an outgoing message.

  • I would support the establishment of a reverse 911 system in our area. If necessary, those operations would begin within my office.

In addition to responding to emergencies, law enforcement officers have the responsibility to know the public they serve and keep them informed. Many times they do not have the personnel to adequately accomplish this. A reverse 911 telephone messaging, coupled with 311 messages, can help greatly. An automated telephone and e-mail capabilities free personnel to do other assignments. Outward communication is like having several extra people as a support staff without the cost of the much more expensive systems on the market today.


  • Amber Alert system
  • Boulder Example
  • NAN Example
  • Wildfires in the west states.

Law Enforcement agencies around the country use reverse 911 systems for: · Community/Neighborhood Watch notifications · Recruiting volunteers · Off-Duty employment opportunities · Automatic routine contact of elderly and shut-in citizens · Court date reminders for personnel and citizens · Locating lost people · In conjunction with “Amber Alert” activities · Personnel recalls · Community notification of events or disasters


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