All Points of Views are able to be delivered at Fix PA while a strict adherence to a Neutral Point of View is part of the mission at

When presenting information about history and physical sciences, care can be taken so as to deliver facts and a balanced and neutral point of view. The truth is easier to describe and detail when dealing with the present and the past. Politics is about the future.

Visions, policy statements, suggested programs, personal and professional priorities, and political speech and thought are not neutral. Solutions of the future arise from a shared understanding, as presented in, plus a political process, struggle and will based on opinion, feelings and the hypothetical. These emotional and soft-science elements can thrive and intermingle among the pages of Fix PA. is ideal for summarizing history. Fix PA is for the future, the idealists and the imaginative. Edit

Put history into Put the future into Fix PA. Check upon and insert facts into Put platform planks and subjective, personal observations into Fix PA.


For this wiki to work in an effective manner, yet allow for all points of view, various ideas need to be deployed on various pages. Each idea and generally, each author for each topic area, needs to have its own wiki page. All are encouraged to:

  • Check and dispute the facts at pages.
  • Read and react to content at Fix PA on talk pages.
  • Copy freely what is desired on the way to the creation of new pages with original, twisted or even verbatim clones of what others have already posted.
  • Insert links, categories and navigational aids on new and existing pages.

Deploy subpagesEdit

Each person's page and a talk page. Sub-pages are deployed with a double { and the words Links within.

Links WithinEdit