English loan words and the Maltese LanguageEdit

English loanwords are becoming more commonplace. They make up 20% to 6% of the Maltese vocabulary. This percentage discrepancy is due to the fact that a number of new English loanwords are sometimes not officially considered part of the Maltese vocabulary, hence they're not included in certain dictionaries. Good article with other examples: (MED Magazine) English loanwords are generally transliterated, although standard English pronunciation is virtually always retained. Below are just a few examples:

Maltese English
Futbol Football
Baskitbol Basketball
Mowbajl Mobile [Phone]
Lift Lift/Elevator
Friġġ Fridge
Friżer Freezer
Wejter Waiter
Biljard Billiard
Strajk Strike
Plejer Player
Frejm Frame
Bliċ Bleach
Fowlder Folder
Kompjuter Computer
Spikers Speakers
Televixin Television
Tojlit Toilet

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