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  • Princeton Students Pass Referendum on Academic Freedom
  • Pa's University Libertarian clubs are interested in working on Academic Freedom issues on campus.


Historic Victory at PrincetonEdit

Princeton student body voted on April 27, 2006, to pass a Student Bill of Rights.

51.8% of students voted for the measure and College Republicans were the driving force.
College Democrats and others on campus waged a somewhat hysterical campaign to prevent the Bill's passage.
Members of "Free Exchange at Princeton" - affiliated with the national coalition Free Exchange on Campus formed to explicitly hinder the academic freedom movement and has spread false accusations with an opposition campaign to defeat the Bill.
Set back by accusations of partisanship, officers implored students to read the text of the bill, which makes no specific reference to a particular political ideology. "The challenge we posed was, 'Can you find anything in this document to which you disagree?' " College Republican membership chair Nicholas Cox '08 said. "A lot of the arguments came down to the fact that [the referendum was from] the College Republicans."
Students for Academic Freedom Chairman David Horowitz called the Princeton vote "a historic victory for academic freedom" and noted that it "a student bill of rights on academic freedom is an idea whose time has come."



  • 888-527-3321. Call with questions or concerns about the academic freedom movement or to start a chapter on your campus.
  • Sara -at- studentsforacademicfreedom -dot- org


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