• D
  • Was on Pittsburgh City Council and URA Board.
  • Replaced by Daniel Desey on city council

Alan Hertzberg, Judge.Edit

Alan was a Pittsburgh City Council Member, District 2. Area covers the Mt. Washington and the West End, that also covers the PA 42nd.

Alan is an attorney. His ambitions of being a judge came true in 2004. In 2001 he ran in the past and lost to Jill Rangos.

He was appointed to the bench by Rendell and then needed to run again for the full term.

  • Council term expired in 2005.

Special election Edit

Hertzberg became a Judge, and was sure to retire from council so that a special date for the special election was not necessary, saving money for the city.


  • Jill Rangos, R, beat Hertzberg in an election that ran nasty from the GOPers.

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