Alliance for Marriage calls for divorce, says workers shouldn't be married to the job.Edit

Workers Want More Flex-time, Comp-time, and Control Over Work Schedules

MERRIFIELD, VA - If you feel like it's getting tougher to balance all the competing pressures of life, you're not alone. In fact, more than three of every five workers find it difficult to balance work, family and other personal interests, according to new polling data released today by the Alliance for Marriage (AFM).

American workers were recently asked the question: "How difficult do you find it to balance, work, family life and other personal interests?"

"It's not healthy, productive or beneficial when workers are married to the job, and based on this troubling new data, it's time to file for divorce. We should end this unholy matrimony for the sake of ourselves, our kids and our economy," said Dr. Matt Daniels, President of the Alliance for Marriage. Download AFM's Second Annual Report on the Workplace.

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