• Democrat Amy Klobuchar officially entered the race for U.S. Senate on Sunday April 17, 2005.
  • Klobuchar, 44, is in her eighth year as Hennepin County attorney. She touted her record as a prosecutor.


She pledged to bring "Minnesota common sense" to Washington. Klobuchar denounced Republican proposals to allow some Americans to invest a portion of their Social Security withholding in the stock market. She called for fair trade agreements for farmers, for protecting the environnment and for a strong military and safe communities. She said the Bush tax cuts unfairly favor wealthy Americans and she spoke out against the growing federal budget deficit, vowing to promote a "pay-as-you-go" approach if she makes it to the Senate. In the September primary, Klobuchar easily beat DFLer Daryl Stanton, with more than 90 percent of the vote.


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