Content for a pending brochure. The Libertarians like to use legal paper on four-panels. The second format is regular sized paper with six panels.

Cover panel Edit

Mark Rauterkus

State Senate 42nd district

(Other photos are available in the same directory. Use white background on laser printed brochures and dark backgrounds if commerical printed.)

Fiscally prudent with libertarian tolerance and an independent spirit 412-481-2497

Panel AEdit

Raised locally, Mark Rauterkus met his wife, Catherine V. Palmer, Ph.D., in Chicago and returned to Pittsburgh against the wave of young adults leaving the region.

Educated at Penn Hills High School, Ohio University (journalism) and Baylor University (physical education), Rauterkus is the product of a multi-generational family of teachers. Catherine is a professor at Pitt (School of Health and Rehab Sciences) and Director of Audiology at UPMC's Eye and Ear. Their two boys attend Phillips Elementary, (Pgh Public Schools).

Invested in the region as a homeowner since 1990, Rauterkus has been a vocal force seeking a vibrant and efficient brand of accountability from elected leaders.

Committed to valuing the family, Rauterkus was a stay-at-home father, owned a publishing business, coached competitive swimmers at all levels and managed sports organizations.

Inspired by the energy of residents, Rauterkus campaigned for Mayor as a voice of change and an experienced activist.

Panel BEdit

Common sense beliefs:

Beholden to one special interest group – residents.

Serious solutions for recreation.

Fiscally conservative. No corporate welfare – EVER!

Transportation solutions targeting all citizens.

Honest and open accountability.

Mark Rauterkus is passionate about the region, its residents, and our potential to jointly create a better environment for each and every individual in this region.

Panel C Edit

Act 47 may be the medicine that can help move Pittsburgh away from the neglect of the past toward a positive, self-reliant future. Mark is the kind of fellow citizen we want - to insure we don’t move backward, but move forward.

Tim Crowley, Chair

Allegheny County Libertarian Party

Make financial contributions to:

108 S. 12th Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Volunteer and outreach:

  • Post Rauterkus signs.</LI>
  • Host or attend a campaign Meet and Greet.</LI>
  • Distribute campaign CDs.</LI>
  • Call and email voters.</LI>
  • Work the polls and attend our victory party on May 17, 2005 at the Holiday Inn Express, 10th Street, South Side.</LI> 412-481-2497
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