This official statement comes from the campaign.
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  • Apply an open-source approach to the issue of assessments.
  • Re-examine the biggest problems quickly. Use real estate appraisers, agents, computer-generated values, and the public at-large.
  • Make revisions as needed.
  • Hear appeals for more than six months before the final certification in December.
  • The Allegheny County Chief Executive can beg municipalities and school districts and urge them to take no windfall.
  • Obtain legislation to engage school districts and municipalities to help the County with the assessment process. A small portion of the school and municipal budgets could help pay for assessments and watch the market. Since these two taxing bodies rely heavily on property taxes, it is clearly in their interest to help get accurate assessments.
  • Dropped the semi-freeze plan. A partial freeze is a legalistic train wreck in the making.

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