Mayor Tom Murphy named n Assessment Review Panel in the wak of the Sabre Systems reassessment of properties for the county. The members were named October 4, 2000.

The members were to determine whether the process was fair to city residents and was to develop recommendations on how the city can help residents contest the property values assigned.

Sabre Systems had an informal review system and the assessment review panel was not to replace that.


  • Aggie Brose, Stanton Heights, co-chair
  • Ralph Proctor, Noth Point Breeze, co-chair
  • Florian Zwitch, West End
  • Joan Gaetano, South Hills
  • Gloria Ledonne, Bloomfield
  • Steve Papernick, law firm of Papernick & Gefsky
  • Mary Esther Van Shura, Citiparks employee
  • Joanne Monroe, Garfield
  • Darla D'Anna, Duquesne Heights
  • Kenny Steinberg, Attorney, Squirrel Hill
  • Doris Carson Williams, African-American Chamber of Commerce
  • David Landman of Gellman Appraisal Services
  • Jim Foley, Lawrenceville
  • Tony Defilippo, Overbrook,
  • Jim Ferlo, City Council
  • Dr. Estella Smith, Hill District
  • Wayne Fontana, County Council
  • Paul Mastandrea, Mt. Washington
  • Sabre Systems

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