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Blogger comment from Bram [1]Edit

Authority board members serve at the pleasure of the Mayor, and the pleasure of the Mayor is to enrich the cronies he inherited from Bob O'Connor.

Those cronies' core business is winning PA Gov't contracts and permits, bleeding Pennsylvanians dry, and funneling some of the profits back toward those Pennsylvania politicians who know how to play ball.

The Authority Board is unaccountable to us and will be of no help at all. The Mayor does not view himself as accountable to us, and I can hardly argue with that analysis.


  • Long term, I've offered a plan that calls for retention votes for all authority board members. With retention votes, many ill deeds would be less frequent.
  • I've called for the liquidation of all the authorities in the city. These are vile organizations without accountability that could and should be NUKED. That would fix these ills too.

The city does not need the water authority, nor the others, IMNSHO.


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