Wellness topics and educational resources have been developed in other markets.Edit

Other cities, states and nations have many valuable resources that should be leveraged in Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania.

  • In Illinois, I engaged with the Governor's Council on Health and Fitness. They had many programs. The Prarie State Games were aways fun and exciting for the athletes.
  • Before moving back to PIttsburgh, I asked about the programs in PA. Nothing. When I moved back to PA, I looked into what PA was doing, the empty hole was evident to me.
  • Arizona has had multiple nonprofit educational programs geared to help kids, adults and others stop smoking or not even begin to smoke.
  • Choosing Health white paper from the UK to restrict smoking in public, limit 'junk food' ads to children, boost "lifestyle trainers", campaign against sexually transmitted diseases and tobacco, and improve food labelling.

Talking Pittsburgh's wellness efforts can get a quick start by not re-inventing.

Pittsburgh's wellness can skyrocket with a little attention to these issues.Edit

In these areas, Pittsburgh can make large, prudent and meaningful advances.


  • Pittsburgh's wellness efforts will begin in earnest with the re-use of programs deployed in other markets.

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