• Former city official joins hospital Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Pittsburgh’s former chief of staff has accepted a high-ranking position with West Penn Hospital. B.J. Leber, 52, of Highland Park, has been named vice president of the Bloomfield hospital and president of its foundation, the hospital in Feb 2007.
    • "Ms. Leber has a wide range of experience, leadership skills, and community relationships, which will serve her well in leading the foundation,” said Mark R. Palmer, president and CEO of West Penn Hospital.
    • The late Mayor Bob O’Connor fired Leber and two other high-ranking administration officials in July 2006 while he was in the hospital fighting a rare form of brain cancer. The firings were the result of infighting among O’Connor’s top aides."
  • Leber to temp at YWCA November 10, 2006, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, B.J. Leber, former chief of staff to the late Mayor Bob O'Connor, has been named interim chief executive officer of the YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh. Ms. Leber said she will join the YWCA Monday and will remain as interim CEO for eight to 12 weeks. She will oversee daily operations while its board searches for a permanent replacement for Cecilia Griffin Golden.
  • Mayor O'Connor's ex-aide Leber to leave URA from August, 2006 - Mayor Bob O'Connor's deposed chief of staff, BJ Leber, is expected to resign her seat on the Urban Redevelopment Authority board, and speculation has begun about her successor in the powerful role as board chair. URA Executive Director Jerome Dettore said he has talked to Ms. Leber and she 'led me to believe she will be submitting her resignation.

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