Libertarian offers an alternative for voters in 157th DistrictEdit

by Tony Phyrillas,

Libertarian James Babb will try again to unseat state Rep. Carole Rubley in the 157th District.Edit

Babb ran against Rubley two years ago. This time around, he's counting on voter discontent over the July 2005 pay raise and lack of progress on property tax relief to boost his chances.

Rubley, a Republican who has represented the 157th District since 1993, voted against the pay raise and did not accept the money as unvouchered expenses. Following public outcry, the pay raise was repealed in November.

Babb, a Lower Providence resident, has aligned himself with the Operation Clean Sweep movement, which has recruited more than 90 candidates statewide to challenge incumbent legislators.

"I'm concerned with growing corruption and runaway spending in Harrisburg," Babb said. "Our current politicians consider our Constitution an archaic document, unworthy of considering before passing legislation. I can no longer sit back and idly watch as government spending, borrowing and taxation soar, while prosperity for many Pennsylvanians declines."

The 157th House District includes the Chester County communities of Phoenixville, Schuylkill and Tredyffrin and about half of Lower Providence and part of West Norriton in Montgomery County.

Babb said not being part of the political establishment in Harrisburg will ensure that he will put constituent concerns first.

"I will personally read every single piece of legislation that I vote on. If I vote for any new law, I will publicly cite the exact clause in our Constitution that authorizes such a law. I will vote against any legislation not clearly mandated by our Constitution. I will lead the General Assembly in eliminating the thousands of unconstitutional laws that limit our freedom and prosperity."

A small business owner and local musician, Babb said state spending is out of control.

"I will vote against any attempt to spend the income of our children via borrowing," he said. "It?s a common myth that the government can create jobs. While politicians gladly take credit when new jobs are created, it?s entrepreneurs and their successful businesses that create opportunities."

Babb also wants to focus on environmental issues.

"Preserving our environment should be a top priority for all Pennsylvanians. I will lead a charge to shut down our government?s own trash importation and toxic discharge businesses. Currently our government makes money with a wide range of pay-to-pollute programs, then they expect taxpayers to foot the cleanup bill for polluted land, water and air."

Babb has set up a Web site [1] that provides more details about his stand on various issues.

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