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Platform Take or Make PositionsEdit


The mentality of wanting a bailout puts Pittsburgh in the role of beggar. They want the pathway to salvation to include better begging. Mayor Murphy was excited on the day when the city earned its distressed status.

When Al Gore, D, came to Pittsburgh to campaign, he lead a cheer, "Help is on the way!"


Pittsburgh needs to be self-reliant. We need to fix our own problems.

Help must come from within.

Plank Edit

  • The bailout took RAD money from Pittsburgh Public Schools. That money needs to be returned to the Pgh Public Schools.
At the time, the budget for Pgh Public Schools had a $40-million cash reserve. Those in Harrisburg felt that any cash reserve was a luxery. So, the politicians in Harrisburgh did a take-away from the schools for being prudent and fit.
  • I'll campaign to remove people from office who allowed the bailout. All those in Harrisburg (state reps, state senate and governor) who allowed the bailout to be forced upon the City of Pittsburgh need to be held accountable and removed from office.


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