Posting by Joe Random in August, 2006Edit

I watched some of you folks on the rebroadcast of the PNC coverage of the PA Ballot Access thing (it looked like the rotunda). I know at least speakers Russ and Tom are on this list. It was wonderful. Lots of meat, very little doubletalk.

This unequal ballot access thing needs to go to the federal supreme court, its so obviously wrong. We need a win at the federal level. We need the feds to say, this stuff in PA is against our constitution.

We need the validation and the validation will generate coverage and further the goal of change.

I also watched the "update" from the democrats on the potential challenge to the Green Party. How afraid they are in turning up the spin machine!

I was howling, first off this guy says "Hey the minor parties may have a point." Then he later says "But the rules are the rules, so they must be followed." Are you kidding me? The rules violate the constitution and you made the rules buddy!!

Give me a break, what a crock of crap that was. PA is such a perfect place for revolution to start because its so obviously a rigged state.

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