BattleGround PAC calls itself, The premier grassroots conservative organization.Edit

As many of today's Conservatives grow frustrated with the way many Republicans have fallen short of their commitment to the traditional principles of the Republican Party, one organization is identifying those candidates who are firm and unwavering in their commitment to these principles.

The BattleGround PAC is an organization of, by and for grassroots conservatives. We are not cheerleaders for the Republican Party. Above all, we are committed to principle, not party.

If Conservatives are to be successful we must work together to support those candidates committed to Conservative principles. The BattleGround PAC is preparing to make our endorsements for this year's Congressional elections and to give these candidates the resources they need to achieve victory, but we need your help and ask that you make your contribution to fight for the principles and values we hold dear.

In making our endorsements we will ask: Does this candidate...

  • Support the idea of limited government, recognizing that government is the problem, not the solution to the problem?
  • Support taking actions to Secure our Borders NOW!!!!! to keep America safe from terrorists?
  • Support our troops in their efforts to protect our vital National Security interests?
  • Support fiscal responsibility by eliminating or significantly reducing wasteful earmarks and unnecessary spending?
  • Support easing the tax burden on all Americans through lower taxes and fundamental tax reform?
  • Support individual liberty for everyone, including gun owners and the unborn?

The Democrats and their ultra-liberal special interest supporters have set their sights on taking back control of Congress in '06. Conservatives more than anyone understand why we cannot let this happen. We do not do this by complaining about Republicans. We do it through supporting Conservative Candidates and showing the Republicans that the key to success is standing by your principles.

Individually, our efforts are limited. But, united in principle and purpose there is no limit to what we can do. Please join other conservatives with your contribution of $50, $100 or even just $30 and be part of the effort to fight for what we believe in.

Thank you for your most generous contribution and for doing your part to return the Republican Party to the party of Reagan.

Tim Holloway, Executive Director, BattleGround PAC

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