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Pittsburgh's geography has an impact.Edit

  • The hills, rivers and valleys of the Pittsburgh region means that some places are not going to offer an ideal landscape for bike use everywhere. However, in other places make a perfect setting for bike use. In those trouble spots, more treatments are necessary to lead to widespread successes for bike use.
    • Routes need to be planned with care. We need to study the landscape and flow needs.
      • For example, the steeper rolling hills and narrow roads in Penn Hills makes it more difficult to make a comprehensive network of bike lanes. Most of the roads are too steep. However, Frankstown Avenue goes transverses a large section of Penn Hills and the pathway of Frankstown Avenue follows a mostly-level ridge line so as to provide a smooth ribbon of gentle ups and downs. The hills are not a serious problem for Frankstown Avenue, but the traffic patters and narrow roads are.
  • Pittsburgh has pockets of the city and county where extensive bikes use expansion would make great sense. But these locations are not universal to the entire region.
  • The potential for expanded bike use is not realized. We can do much better in this area. However, the first big push to expansion has to come with visioning and education. Our awareness of bike use is getting better, but far less than what it is worldwide.


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