• Bill Keisling is the son of a former staffer of Gov. Casey
  • author of several books on corruption in Pennsylvania
  • former board member of Common Cause PA.


See discussion page on Bill DeWeese


The end of sin's posting indicates the article is from a site called According to the "about us" page of that website, they are a book publisher, but it shows they are located in Newark, DE (cool, just like an Avon distribution least until about this time next year!)

I see that newsman100 posted it to also. I do not know what his criteria are for selecting articles. This was definitely a human selection as opposed to the stupid roboblogger (that I constantly battle against in the section I edit).

Looking elsewhere in newsman100's postings, he mentions that bill Keisling runs this, but lives in Harrisburg after previously living in Emmaus (upon further investigation, I see he gets that information from a Morning Call article at,0,5248696.column)

Not sure I've done anything positively or negatively for the credibility, but there is some more information, at least.


It is my personal opinion that this article is a cloaked revelation that the FEDS are on the job in PA. Note that the article does NOT say that this is Corbett's investigation or a state-level grand jury. Also, state-level grand juries do not make indictments, they make presentments. FEDERAL grand juries can make indictments, though.

I think this is a Big Deal. If the feds are on the job, it means that Bonusgate is the least of worries for the Harrisburg crowd. A deliberate effort to NOT specifically say "feds" in the article could be a way of protecting sources.

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1/14/10 - Umm...If you're going to write this guy off completely maybe you should upload a file to support it. Your link is dead, sir. That said, I think Bill's creditability is as solid as a rock. Have any of you bothered to actually read any of his published works or, you know, contact him? Bill is not only an intelligent person but an extremely dedicated individual whos commitment to the truth is unmatched. But don't take my word for it. Talk to him yourself:

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