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Bill Ogden

Bill Ogden

Source: Harvested on May 16, 2006 from


  • Uphold the US and PA State Constitution.
  • Protect Life, Liberty, and Property.
  • Reduce Spending--and Downsize government.
  • Restore Public Trust-as a Statesman-not a Politician.
  • Reclaim Property Rights--Eliminate Property Taxes.
  • Restrict the use of "Eminent Domain" laws.
  • Encourage "Real" Economic Growth.
  • Eliminate/Reduce Business taxes & regulations.
  • STOP "Corporate Welfare"--end financial "Bail-Outs" that steal our tax dollars.
  • Address the Health Care Crisis-advocate negotiations with-Doctors, Insurance Companies, and Pharmaceutical Bosses.
  • Restrict Lobbyists to limited access. Record Meetings. End "Gifting".
  • Support Mothers and Preborn Infants-advocate responsible Pre-Born Adoptions when applicable.
  • Explore "School Choice" Options for Parents, Students, and Teachers.


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