DEP awards city money for bio-diesel [1]Edit

(December 2006) The state Department of Environmental Protection on Thursday awarded Pittsburgh a $303,675 grant to purchase five above ground fuel tanks, clean existing storage tanks and buy 1.2 million gallons of various blends of bio-diesel for the city.

The Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant Program is part of Gov. Ed Rendell's "PennSecurity Fuels Initiative" to produce and use 900 million gallons annually of eco-friendly domestic fuel, such as ethanol and bio-diesel. The state is investing $30 million over the next five years in that initiative.

Heinz Field's waste could be Pittsburgh's eco-friendly energy gain. Heinz Field, the site of the grant announcement, will provide some of the waste vegetable oil used to produce bio-diesel for the Pittsburgh's vehicle fleet, beginning with Public Works.


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