Internet shut-down in two to four days during flu pandemicEdit

Booz Allen 27 Apr 2006 -- Telephone and Internet services could be overwhelmed and shut down in the early stages of a bird flu pandemic, according to a report released on Thursday. Businesses need to think of other ways to keep going as governments close schools and direct people to stay home, management consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton reported... "Telecommunications (phone and Internet) will likely be overwhelmed early in a pandemic, with experts predicting shut-downs in two to four days, meaning that telecommuting will not be viable and alternative communications need to be explored," the report read. "Governments will likely direct the general population to stay in their homes, and minimize social contact," it added. ['Overwhelmed?' No. The Bush dictatorship is going to *shut it down.*]

New-Fields 2nd Bird Flu Summit Washington, DC, June 28-29, 2006.Edit

By Lori Price

Why is Booz Allen Hamilton sending a speaker to a Bird Flu Summit?

"The purpose of the summit is to prepare the US and the world to fight [profit from] this potentially infectious disease." Confirmed speakers: Douglas E. Himberger, vice president and member of the board of directors at Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., USA; Michael S. Cochran, Engelhard Company, USA. [Source: e-mail obtained by Citizens For Legitimate Government, 24 Apr 2006. See also: New Fields to Assist Companies in Networking for Iraq Opportunities Washington, DC, June 08, 2005. See: Wargaming and Strategic Simulation "Recognized worldwide as a leader in wargaming and strategic competitive simulations, Booz Allen Hamilton has created and facilitated wargames for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, military services, and numerous other government organizations."]

Bird flu one of many pandemic threatsEdit

27 Apr 2006 Birds are not the only source of viruses that could become the next flu pandemic, say two Australian virus experts, who argue the 1918 Spanish flu virus came from mammals, not birds, as recently suggested... In October 2005, a team led by Dr Jeffrey Taubenberger of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in the US, reported in Nature that the Spanish flu virus, which killed millions around the world in 1918-1919, was a bird virus that leapt the species barrier into humans. [1]


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