Once again an increase in the Federal Minimum Wage has been blocked. We all know that no family or even one person can live on the Federal minimum wage of $5.15 per hour. The fact that it is still this low is disgraceful.

We, the voters of this country, must force all members of Congress to understand that we cannot be fooled by political maneuvers or phony dialogue about the proposed increases costing The USA jobs. We must force then, with our letters and words, to understand that WE, the voters in their Districts and States, know their arguments don't hold water and that people are being hurt everyday in America as a result of this freezing Federal Minimum Wage while they give themselves fat pay increases.

Let both your Senators and your Congressional Representative know exactly how disgusted you are by the blockage of a reasonable raise of the Federal Minimum Wage on The Hill. Only by knowing that you will remember their final vote and exercise your power at the Ballot Box will they begin to listen and pass this important bill.

This alert is brought to you through the activism of Stacey Tallitsh, running for the U.S. House in the 1st Congressional district, and one of the leading progressive voices in the state of Louisiana. Many of you have already submitted his action page calling for the troops in Iraq to start coming home now, a policy that is more surely correct with every passing state of emergency in Baghdad.

Stacey has already produced his first call to action radio spot, calling for an end of the obstinate occupation of Iraq, a military escapade which has brought nothing but death and destruction to both their country and our own. With your help, Stacey wants to start running these radio spots on his local stations as soon as possible, to build the consensus to actually start bringing our brave troops home. You can hear the new spot on this page.


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