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  • Jgparks

    by J. Greg Parks

    The health care debate has ended. It has been replaced with screaming theater that neither entertains nor brings comfort to the audience. The sides for and against, have their heels so firmly dug in that you can barely see their heads over outstretched arms. The basic problem is that our elected officials have no idea what is in H.R. 3200, better known as “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009.”

    A “one size fits all” government program will not work. The President as much as admitted it when he gave kudos to UPS and Federal Express, while telling us that it was the Post Office that was always in trouble. While health care reform is needed, it should be done by the states. Each state knows the problems of health car…

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  • Jgparks

    Easier Ballot Access Can Cure the Nations Ills By J. Greg Parks

    There was a time when men and women of great stature decided to run for elective office. Many of these men and women would serve with distinction and return to private life. Today is not one of those times. Studies show that fewer and fewer people are voting in elections. Some believe it is a general apathy to the politics of the day that is turning people away from the voting booth. Others believe that the politicians are corrupt and nothing that a voter does is going to change the government. I believe that the problem in Pennsylvania is the difficulty candidates’ face in gaining ballot access to challenge the status quo. The Pennsylvania Constitution states, “Elections shall…

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