• Media
  • Worked for PAT until December 2007
  • Likes hockey



Bob Grove has left his day job at the transit monopoly.

The departure of the longtime spokesman for the Port Authority -- who also works nights as host of the Pittsburgh Penguins Radio Network and writes about hockey for Hockey Digest and other serious puck-oriented publications -- comes not two months after press-team member Carmen Bray left the perennially troubled agency.

Grove's and Bray's jobs -- putting a positive spin on decades of the Port Authority's mass transit boondoggles, mismanagement and chronic deficits -- have never been easy. But the public transit bureaucracy has had more than its usual share of troubles in 2007 -- including a string of embarrassing audits and route/service cuts.

The duo have probably been feeling lately like a pair of press officers on the Titanic, after it hit the iceberg. But their exits coming so close together strikes Whispers as curious.

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