• Libertarian
  • Michigan candidate



The federal government has far exceeded the powers granted by the people in the Constitution. This has led to excessive spending and infringement of personal and states rights. President Jackson would use the force of the veto, executive rights and direct communication to the people to gradually redirect the federal government back to the duties and responsibilities as defined by the constitution. The most powerful government in the world must protect the nation and operate within its means by eliminating deficits and retiring the national debt in a reasonable time.


There must be a realistic plan put into action that would replace fossil fuels as the primary future energy source. Bob is the only candidate with such a plan.


The situation in the world and Iraq will be different in 2008 than today. Bob’s current position is that the United States should declare victory in Northern Iraq and let the Kurds control their fledging democracy. We should stabilize the Shi areas of Iraq into areas that they can control so that the United States would have another friendly ally. This would also be a victory. We should help the rest of Iraq areas to gain their control and if that is not done in a reasonable time we should let them decide their own future without our help. The United States should remain strong in this world and help freedom flourish wherever possible. We have a committed enemy that wants to destroy the United States by “a death of a thousand cuts”. The United States can prevail against this aggression through better leadership.


The United States should have free immigration and naturalization as specifically provided for in the Constitution. However, the current federal government has lost control and we need to re-establish open borders. To do this Bob believes that the borders should be effectively sealed from all non entitled immigrants. The federal government should then provide for an organized encouragement for future immigrants. Current non citizen residents should be encouraged to become citizens. Immigrants should accept the responsibilities of citizenship and expect to enjoy the privileges. All non citizens that commit crimes in this country should be deported. This plan would control future immigration and allow current law abiding non citizens in the United States to gain citizenship by lawful application.


President Jackson would press hard for term limits. Term limits are needed in Congress and the Senate in order to elect higher qualified representation that is more related to the needs of the country and the citizens.

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