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  • Bonnie L. Dodge, R, Born in 1946, Northampton, PA, Director of Strategic Planning, Dent Mfg. Inc.
  • R-Northampton, 18th, candidate in 2006 for PA Senate
  • Bonnie Dodge is running for the Pennsylvania State Senate District 18, currently held by Lisa Boscola.



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Dodge: Casinos won't boost economy as much as forecastedEdit

Source: Susan Koomar, Pocono Record News Editor, February 19, 2006

Bonnie Dodge opposes gambling, supports property tax reform and has a special reason for running for state Senate in the 18th District.

Dodge said God woke her up at 1 a.m. for two weeks straight telling her to campaign.

"I was so tired and weak I couldn't say 'no' any more. Maybe he wants me to fight gambling. Maybe he just wants me to make waves. I look at it as being a call," said Dodge, who wants to oust incumbent Democrat Lisa Boscola.

Dodge, formerly Bonnie Ruddick, lived in Monroe County from 1985-89. She was active in Pleasant Valley School District issues and served on the Burnley Workshop board of directors.

She hosts a weekly talk show on faith and politics on Lehigh Valley radio station WGPA. Dodge, 59, lives in Northampton with her husband.

Now that Pennsylvania law permits slots, Dodge wants to make sure there are no casinos built near schools, churches or residential areas.

"I don't think it's a healthy thing to have," said Dodge, who works as a strategic planning and marketing consultant.

She doubts slots will make as much money for the state as proponents predict.

"There's no way we're going to see the kind of profit they're talking about," said Dodge, who has studied slots revenue in other states.

She wants to require casinos to provide a monthly revenue statement to gamblers.

She says Boscola has failed to provide residents with tax reform.

"She hasn't reduced our taxes. She's not doing her job," said Dodge.

Dodge favors a flat sales tax that would include all grocery items except dairy and produce. She wants an immediate freeze of taxable income of senior citizens.

And she wants to increase fees for garbage trucked into Pennsylvania from other states.

Dodge said she has a lot of friends on both sides of the aisle in Harrisburg, but she's running as a maverick and not seeking support from the county or state Republican party.

She blasted Boscola for spending thousands of dollars on glossy, colorful fliers mailed to voters. Dodge plans to run a no-frills, self-funded campaign.

"I'm not going to owe anybody anything when I get to Harrisburg," she said.

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