Brad Porter, Co-Executive Director of FACT

Bradley A. Porter is a 28 year old student and writer living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is finishing degrees in Creative Writing and Cognitive Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University.

Brad is a founder and author for, recently named one of the Top 100 Right-of-Centre Blogs in the United Kingdom. It has been featured in the Washington Post, Time, The Atlantic, National Review,, and the London Times, among others, and was a finalist for the 2007 Weblog Awards for "Best Political Coverage".

In addition to being a full-time student, Brad is currently employed as a freelance writer and as a Coro Intern and Research Fellow in Public Policy and Local Democracy.

Originally from Kansas, Brad's previous political and civic experience includes working in mostly volunteer capacities for Sam Brownback's first campaign for Congress in 1994, Kids Voting Kansas through most of the mid-90s, Bob Dole's presidential bid in 1996, John McCain's nomination campaign in 2000 (and later that cycle, Harry Browne), and America Coming Together in 2004. Previously, he volunteered for the American Civil Liberties Union and, before the incorporation of FACT, Ron Paul's presidential campaign.

Brad will be a featured speaker at the 2008 Liberty Forum in Manchester, New Hampshire, giving a speech tentatively titled "Towards a Civic Constitutionalism". He is currently writing a book of personal essays to be published later next year. Brad lives in Squirrel Hill.

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