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  • We need to invest into more research, study and therapy to better understand and treat brain injuries. These themes of research should be given a higher priority at the NIH and with the VA as well as with local institutions.
  • I will work to help provide a steady stream of funding for research on TBIs.
  • I will work to help provide a steady stream of funding for education so we better educate and prevent brain injuries.
  • American service personelle can come to expect a woefully inadequate treatment. Our troops need to have high quality care and high quality treatments. Long-term rehabilitation necessary for a TBI is not as it should be. Pittsburgh can be a mecca for these services.
    • At Walter Reed, Macedo said, doctors have chosen to medicate most TBI patients, even though cognitive rehabilitation, including brain teasers and memory exercises, seems to hold the most promise for dealing with the disorder.


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