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Bob Logue <> wrote: Hi Mr. Logue (Bob):

Well back here in the Burgh (Brentwood) we got our yearly shaft award, the School and Borough Taxes arrived. It was great that the Assessment remained at 2002 level (although my assessment in 2001 was $98,000. Then 2002 was raised to $131,200). But in 2006 the Millage went up (Boro. $100 (millage 08.50); and School $250 (Millage - 028.270)). YES the Borough gets $1,092.90, and the School gets $3,634.84, for a GRAND Total $4,727.74. Just too bad you tore down that home next to you, we could have Moved In. HA, Ha. It sure irks me to know it's costing us almost $5,000.00 a year to rent our home from Brentwood. Maybe in a year or three, Brentwood will reward us with a Millage increase that will hit the $5,000.00 total.

I bought the home because I could afford the Fair Market Price and the Taxes at the time, but at todays Assessment and upped Millage, with my Fixed Income Pension, it's sure MUCH MORE DIFFICULT. When I worked we got a raise each year, but it doesn't work that way when one retires.

Well enough misery on our part, just remember "God loves YOU , and so do we".

Ps. Sorry to have rambled on so much.


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