Rendell Budget is going to Cost another 1,153.00!Edit


(Dallas, Pennsylvania) David Madeira, Candidate for District 20 State Senator, publicly announces his support for the Commonwealth Foundation's fight against the State Government Budget Proposal that will increase state government spending by another 4.7%.

If Governor Rendell's budget passes, it would increase state budget spending by nearly 22.85% since he took office in 2003. This is more than double the 10.29% inflation rate. Matthew J. Brouillette, President of the Commonwealth Foundation, states "Pennsylvanians' paychecks haven't come close to increasing at that rate, yet working moms and dads - and eventually their kids - will be forced to pay for the governor's spending habits that have failed to revitalize Pennsylvania." David Madeira agrees, saying "This budget emphasizes the need for leaders who will vigorously oppose the explosive growth of government under Rendell. The Governor wants to grow government spending at more than twice the rate of inflation. Totally unacceptable."

During Governor Rendell's lackluster administration has Pennsylvania lagging behind the rest of the nation in job growth, personal income growth and population growth. Pennsylvania ranks 38th in job growth, 43rd in personal income growth, and 43rd in population growth.

The Governor, does however, propose a 35.6 million dollar reduction in business taxes. This tax cut, according to statistics from the Commonwealth Foundation, is not enough to encourage a more economically competitive Pennsylvania. Brouillette puts prospective on the tax cut stating, "The impact of $35 million in tax cuts on a $25 billion budget is equivalent of someone earning $25,000 per year and having to do with TEN CENTS less per day."

David Madeira, an advocate for the Commonwealth Foundation, strongly believes in the elimination of double taxation on Pennsylvania businesses as well as a voter referendum on State Budgets and additional taxation. David Madeira is a small business owner in Dallas, Pennsylvania. He lives in Dallas with his wife and five young children.

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