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I've been on the ballot. I've stepped up. Back in 2000 I objected to the way the city was being managed by Mayor Murphy. I formed a campaign did my best to lift some opposition. Too much attention was being paid to stadium deals, convention centers and Lord & Taylor. The corporate welfare raised our debt and we knew he would ignore the kids and seniors by closing rec centers, swim pools and firing crossing guards.
I've been in the fray -- through thick and thin.
Voters will find my name, Mark Rauterkus, at the polls again with the special election in the dead of winter in 2006. With your help, I can be the replacement to Gene Ricciardi and we can establish some better priorities on Grant Street.
I'm a dedicated community activist who can write and communicate. I would love to get your support and vote.
Independents, Libertarians, Greens, Republicans and Democrats can vote for me if they go to the polls. All registered voters can vote in the special election.
Politics is complicated. Democracy is messy. But voting is simple.
We need city leaders who understand democracy and technical matters such as Open-Source Software.
We are getting new voting machines in 2006. Democracy and civic interactions play vital roles in our prosperity.
It sadens me to witness all that has been left to crumble. Let's energize. Our democracy is frail. I care that we are self-reliant with self-determination.
It is goig to take a fix-up attitude from "We the people" to make headway here.
I've offered a number of insights for campaign finance reform, transparent PAC accounts, authority board retention votes. They are all online at the
Let's build trust and let's be careful with our votes.
This song is from my friend, Amy Carol Webb.

Song: Be Careful Punching Ballots If You Can't Find the Hole.

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