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The use of the cable TV breau and those assets can help to make Pittsburgh's government more transparent.

Plank Edit

Cable TV in the cityEdit

  • A bi-annual survey should be conducted, by law to consider Cable_TV services for the residents. Performance and measurements of user satisfaction should be benchmarked.

City Cable TV BreauEdit

The 2005 budget called for slashing the number of televised city meetings. That was the wrong direction at the wrong time. We need more visibility for the dealings of elected and appointed public officials, not less.

  • The city's cable TV breau should be funded so as to do a good job at covering many additional public meetings.
  • The production value of the city cable TV breau does NOT need to be like that of Hollywood. Simple camera, simple audio, and even audio only broadcasts might be enough.
  • The use of new technology, remote cameras, video on demand, juke-box downloads, podcasting and search engine access to the digital elements of the department need to be moderized. Many of these operations can be done from the desktop and will not be expensive investment.
  • If elected to city council, I'd insist that more meetings be broadcasted for the public to view. The Citizens Police Review Board should have its meetings broadcasted on the city's cable tv station.
  • If elected to city council, I'd insist that new technology be put into operation at the city cable TV breau so that past meetings can be served on demand to citizens. This is an internet operation that can be made possible without much, if any additional overhead.


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