Telecom Bill Lowers Consumers Cable BillsEdit

Source Tim Murphy's web site from June 8, 2006

Washington, - Americans spend an average of 170 minutes a day watching television, but have few options when it comes to in-home video programming services. The House of Representatives today passed the landmark Communications, Opportunity, Promotion, and Enhancement (COPE) Act, that will help bring more cable TV and Internet choices to consumers and expand broadband services to more rural areas.

“When people buy cell phones, they have many options to choose from,” said Congressman Murphy. “Wireless phone competition led to better technology, improved customer services, and a variety of payment plans for consumers. A few years ago, cell phones were as big as a land-line home phone, now they can be as small as a credit card. This legislation will lead to similar innovations and service choices in cable television, and drive down prices at the same time

“Sophisticated technology now allows video, voice, and data services to be transmitted quickly. Five years ago, one could never imagine using your computer as your main telephone at home, now millions enjoy VoIP services. As consumers are offered more options to choose from, broadband services and other new technology will spread faster to more areas, including those in rural areas.”

During floor debate, Congressman engaged House Energy and Commerce Chairman Joe Barton (TX-6) in a discussion ensuring local towns and municipalities would still be able to collect fees from cable companies.

“This legislation also protects local municipalities who receive money from cable companies to install cable lines on public property,” Murphy concluded. “Many localities rely on these rights-of-way fees as part of their annual budget. Today’s bill ensures they will not lose any of this money.”


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