Chuck Pennacchio, 2006 candidate for US SenateEdit

The Pennacchio for Pennsylvania campaign is committed to creating a new political culture in Pennsylvania and America; a culture where the will and power of our citizens are lifted up above the monied interests that corrupt American politics. A Senator’s job is to represent all the people. Truly meaningful campaign finance reform must reflect a good faith effort to return the political system of Pennsylvania and the nation to its citizens.

Chuck is committed to fixing the ways in which we finance and run political campaigns at all levels. McCain-Feingold, and similar reform attempts, have been well intentioned, but have proven ineffective and, in some respects, counter-productive to the goal of a political system that reflects the interests and desires of our citizens.

  • Chuck supports the public financing of all campaigns for Federal office. By providing public financing, chances greatly improve that the views and votes of our elected officials are uncorrupted by concern over who will write the next big fundraising check for them. We can end the sad reality of “government for sale” which pervades our politics.
  • In the meantime, it is essential that we undertake efforts to encourage more small-dollar donors to participate in funding campaigns, so that candidates no longer need be so dependent on large donations by wealthy individuals and Political Action Committees.
  • Chuck supports legislation to make donations to candidates for President, and the Senate and House in your home state and district, tax deductible, up to $100 per candidate per cycle. Legislation of this type promotes more Americans taking ownership in the campaigns of their legislators (and their opponents), while encouraging legislators to take more seriously their constituents’ best interests."


Chuck Pennacchio said approximately 70% of the money Casey is getting is from the same contributors Santorum gets his money from!


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