Nothing in this country is gonna ghange until the money is taken out of the campaigns. When the money is gone the politicians will have no chioce but to listen to the people, the mojority agian. Big money and corporations will be put back in there place. Not that don't have any rights. This country was never intended to be run by money - NEVER!

Ol'Froth wrote, in part:Edit

  • The GOP and W are making decision on Campaign Finance Reform in favor of big money interests.
  • Campaign Finance Reform is one problem that could altimatelly fix all of the other problems.
  • The dream is campaign finance, and a real reform that will take special interests and big money out of the equation all together and give the power back to the people where it belongs and where the founding fathers intended it to be.
  • Once the government can't be bought then the issues will be debated instead of dictated and there will be a level playing feild.
  • Once the government can't be bought then accountabilty will return.
  • Make all contributions to all campaigns illegal. Campaigns should be paid for by the government. Give an equal allotment to all canidates to use as they see fit.
It wouldn't be as expensive as it sounds I'm sure, considering what we spend on things like defense and the money the government pissed away in big tax cuts for millionares.
  • TV and radio airwaves are owned by the public and permission for their use is granted to the networks etc. Therefore they must give equal campaign air time to all canidates or there airwave rights will be pulled.
  • Results: special interests and lobbyist will find them out of work when they can no longer buy votes in congress.
  • The media will come back too.


  • I'd suggest a residency requirement. You must be a citizen resident of the political subdivison to contribute. In otherwords, I could contribute to a presidential candidate, a senate candidate from MY state, but not another state, a House candidate from MY congressional district but not another,
Just why was Santorum raising campaign funds in FLA. Why should the people or certian people in FLA be able to influence a politician fron PA?

Corporations aren't going to waste millions of dollars contributing to political campaigns if they find out that big money doesn't guarantee a win in elections.

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