Both Buy-in and Put-in work within Platform.For-Pgh.orgEdit

Content that resides within the comes many ways.

Candidates could post their own views within the pages of this wiki, make comments, adding to discussion or creating pages as desired on various issues.
Content from other candidates and organizations are often just inserted within these pages by the lead developer, Mark Rauterkus. Press releases, news articles, community meetings and even issue statements form other web sites and candidate surveys are simply put in, without any buy-in expressed nor implied.
So far, no requests for removal of content have ever been requested.

Candidate RecruitmentEdit

For School BoardEdit

Stephen Sakalik, 135 Richey Ave, Pgh, PA 15214Edit

The conversation we had (with Mark Rauterkus) changed my whole political outlook.

Steve did not run. He did talk with his opponent and after thinking of all the ups and downs, passed. Notes: A Dem. Willing to switch to GOP. Considered running for school board in 2005. Was hoping to cross file but did not want to win the Dem's endorsement. Is in School Dist #1 -- Skip's district.

Favored an under the radar campaign until Labor Day. Hates seeing all the money wasted. Why fire Thompson, let him sit in office and write his memoirs?

Works in Monroeville. Sells "BLINDS" (window treatment) in shop near Pier 1, Rt. 22. Born in 1953. No kids.

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