• Executive Producer of Steeltown Entertainment Project
  • visiting distinguished Senior Lecturer at the University of Pittsburgh, 2007
  • screenwriter (St. Elmo's Fire) and
  • television writer/producer (Saved by the Bell)
  • currently producing two feature documentaries on his hometown: "My Pittsburgh: A Tale of Two Cities" and "The Pittsburgh Polio Story."
  • 412-622-1325 (W)
  • 310-386-0059 (C)


Steeltown Entertainment ProjectEdit

The mission of the Steeltown Entertainment Project ("Steeltown") is to nurture promising talent and to incubate meaningful and commercially viable entertainment projects in Southwestern Pennsylvania by connecting former Pittsburghers who are working in the entertainment industry with the region's human, cultural, educational and economic resources.

In its short history since its inception in 2003, Steeltown, has:

  • produced with WQED the Mid-Atlantic Emmy-nominated "Steeltown Entertainment Summit" featuring a dozen of Pittsburgh's most illustrious film and television alumni such as director Rob Marshall (CHICAGO), producer Bernie Goldmann (300), and manager Eric Gold (Jim Carrey);
  • presented the Pittsburgh premiere of George Romero's "Land of the Dead" which attracted an international crowd including directors Quentin Tarintino (KILL BILL), Robert Rodriguez (SIN CITY), and Edgar Wright (SHAUN OF THE DEAD), raising funds for its proposed Steeltown Film Factory which would mentor emerging regional talent; and
  • incubated two commercial projects, partnering with The Hatchery and Universal Studios on R.L. Stine's "Don't Think About It" airing on Cartoon Network 9/7/07 and "MY PITTSBURGH: A TALE OF TWO CITIES", a feature documentary about Pittsburgh reinventing itself.


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