Carl Romanelli is a Green Party fireball that hails from Northeastern Pennsylvania.

A retired family court officer; currently working as a consultant in the rail industry, Carl has been a lifelong public and community servant, with a reputation for speaking truth to power and defending those most oppressed in life. He brings this energy to the Pennsylvania general election in 2006 with the hope of offering a viable, competent alternative to the old, corporate parties. Carl is committed to an agenda, which includes ending the occupation in Iraq, providing universal, single-payer health care for all Americans, defense of women's reproductive rights, ending of the drug war along with establishing a more enlightened foreign policy, in compliance with international law. Stand with Carl as he takes a REAL people's agenda to the debate in this year's election. Together we can make history and challenge those who refuse to articulate the important issues of our time.



  • Universal single-payer health care for all Americans. See Health care-plank-Romanelli
  • End Iraq occupation. See War in Iraq-plank-Romanelli
  • Lead an enlightened, just foreign policy that is in compliance with international law
  • Eliminate pensions for members of congress
  • Establish energy policy based on renewable energy research and development
  • Balance the national budget by eliminating corporate giveaways of public money
  • Localize and regionally organize food and agricultural policy to support family farms

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