• US Congressman Chaka Fattah is running for the Democratic nomination of Mayor of Philadelphia.

Democratic Congressman Chaka Fattah addressed a crowd of at the School of the Future in West Philadelphia where he announced his 2007 run for Mayor of Philadelphia in November, 2006.

He addressed the crowd under a banner reading, “Chaka Fattah Transforming Philadelphia’s Future.” He said that following the work that he did in Washington he is coming home to serve Philadelphia.

He added that he wants to change Philadelphia from the city of brotherly love to a city of real opportunity. He says that kind of opportunity will have to be created together.

Chaka Fattah’s attempt to jump from Congress to City Hall is not without perils, but analysts agree that his entrance in the Mayor’s race makes him a favorite.

Terry Madonna: “His district compromises almost a third of the city. He already has an organization in place from his years in the state legislature, and from his years in Congress. So he’ll be an extraordinarily formidable opponent.”

Fattah becomes the second announced candidate after former Councilman Michael Nutter.

Five others are at least considering a run for the Democratic nomination. But Madonna believes that with Fattah, some will re-think joining the fray.

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