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Murphy Calls for Action on China Edit

Published by Tim Murphy's email blast in September, 2007

On Thursday, Congressman Tim Murphy took to the House floor to deliver a five minute speech calling for the United States to take a stand against China. On Wednesday, toy manufacturer Mattel announced it was recalling 700,000 Chinese-made toys because they contained excessive amounts of lead paint. This is the third recall of Chinese-made toys by the company in the past month.

Click to watch Congressman Murphy deliver his speech on China.

Other products sold to Americans by China that were found to be harmful include: contaminated pet foods; recycled chopsticks; tires that have caused fatal accidents; diapers containing fungus; lipstick containing carcinogens; juice with unsafe color additives; baby bottles with ingredients that can alter a child’s hormones; pacifiers containing chemicals linked to cancer; and teething rings with toxic chemicals.

In addition, China:Edit

• Manipulates its currency to create an unfair trade advantage over the United States and other global competitors;

• Allows its companies to counterfeit American products and steal our patents costing us billions of dollars in trade each year;

• Builds power plants with cheaper, outdated technology causing excessive pollution and environmental hazards throughout the world, including in the U.S.; and

• And has stolen national secrets from our U.S. energy labs.

Now, Beijing is suspected of a cyber-attack launched against the Pentagon this past June, and supplying our enemies in the Middle East with weapons and ammunition being used to kill American soldiers. Many of these weapons are finding their way into the hands of the Taliban and insurgents through Iran.

As a result of its actions, many Americans are refusing to buy Chinese-made household goods, clothing, and food. During his speech, Congressman Murphy called on the White House and Congress to take a stand against China as well.

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