Chris Hedges on Book TV conducted on January 1, 2012.

Chris Hedges is one of truly moral human beings alive today.  He, more than most, understands the failures of humanity and the corporate culture and how the results and injustices now being imposed on humanity are ultimately self-defeating for not just the masses but also for the rulers.  Hedges is involved in a consistent effort to rip the scales off the eyes of Americans – particularly American “liberals”.  The message he brings is painful to hear but essential if we are to survive into the future.  Like it or not the empire is in the process of collapsing – a process which, regardless of the attempts to stem it, will continue.  The only question now remaining, in my opinion, is what will we replace it with.  That is something that those of us now living may well have some capacity to influence, providing we choose to act to do so.  As with all future events, there is no guarantee of success or even that a future will exist for human kind.  The only thing we can do is to try.  If you care at all about the future watch this interview.  Whether you consider yourself to be a conservative or a liberal or a libertarian this is something which you will benefit from hearing – agree or disagree, but never remain neutral, the status quo is mutual self-destruction.

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