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Clean Sweep Candidate for PA Senate, 10th district, 2006.



Legislative Pay RaiseEdit

I believe the July 7 pay raise was a watershed event in Pennsylvania politics because it pulled open the curtains on the sordid way Pennsylvania’s Legislature does business. Two o’clock in the morning. No floor debate. No public input. Unvouchered expenses. Inflated pensions. Enough. Let’s go back to doing the people’s business. The legislature is broken, let’s fix it. I promise you that I will never accept a pay raise unless approved by the public.

Property tax reliefEdit

Property tax relief stalled while the legislature attended to their own selfish interests. I will help local school boards find the revenues necessary to fund educational necessities through a combination of revenue from slot machines and optional local income levies. I will also expand tax and rent rebate programs for seniors. Furthermore, I would look to expand the state’s sales tax to include certain goods and services that are now exempt in return for lower property taxes for everyone.

Women's RightsEdit

I believe that the decision to have an abortion should be made by a woman in consultation with her family and doctor without interference from the government. I also believe that we should do whatever we can as a society to make abortion a safe, legal and rare procedure by encouraging alternatives; preventing unintended pregnancies through education and access to health care; and requiring notification to parents of girls under 18 with judicial bypass provisions available when necessary.

Environmental ProtectionEdit

I am committed to making sure that our water and air are clean and to preserve Bucks County’s open spaces and historical landmarks. I also believe in promoting energy independence and development of cleaner fuels. I will work with township officials and community leaders to do whatever is possible so long as it is fiscally responsible to enhance our quality of life.

Affordable Health CareEdit

With nearly 46 million Americans uninsured and health care currently on the rise, I will work to reduce costs and expand coverage to all Pennsylvanians. I will expand coverage for children. I will assist small businesses that provide health coverage to low and middle income employees. I will work with state and federal agencies to use their combined purchasing power to negotiate lower drug prices for Medicare recipients.


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