• Independent for Governor in 2006 in Mass.
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  • The heir to a single Cape Cod convenience store, Mihos built the family business into a 144-store chain across Massachusetts. After selling 132 of the stores to 7-Eleven for several hundred million dollars, he entered politics, being appointed to a five-year term on the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, where he opposed toll increases to pay for the now-infamous Big Dig. After Governor Mitt Romney announced that he would not seek re-election, Mihos, a Republican, declared that he would run to succeed him. Feeling that he could not win a spot on the Republican primary ballot, he decided that he would campaign as an Independent.



  • His platform includes a strident call for campaign finance reform, support for gay marriage and abortion rights, and "Proposition 1," an economic plan that includes spending 40% of the state budget on municipal-level aid, eliminating fees for public education, and doing away with annual property tax reassessment.


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