Budget BlundersEdit

Other cities and communities have budget sessions with citizens. Pittsburgh needs a similar approach. Pittsburgh's landscape in terms of its handling of the budget begins with a frank discussion on the budget process.

This budget process needs an overview chapter that describes what is done elsewhere.

Proper planning prevents poor performances.Edit

The budget is always a flop because the Murphy Administration crafts the budget behind closed doors and gets input from few. Murphy's budget process is full of fear, uncertainty and doubt. The outcome document is poor. We all suffer dearly.

True collaboration, openness and discussion is needed concerning the budget.Edit

My dealing with the budget offers a more productive, open and democratic approach. I'll host and organize annual citizen budget building sessions throughout the summer months. We'll have citizen budget summits on a regular basis throughout the year. We'll have work sessions in community centers, spreading out the facts, figures, history and priorities.

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