September 17, 2010 -The Black Political Empowerment Project's (B-PEP's) Chairman Tim Stevens shares his thoughts of a historical overview of how the Citizen Police Review Board (CPRB) came into existence, the current expectations, questions and concerns of the community at the Swearing in Ceremony for the CPRB. [1]

Struggled, like everything else. Do the job like the oath you took expects. Opposition Edit

From May 7, 2003 to December 1, 2004, this board has been crippled in a serious way by Mayor Tom Murphy, the current administration and city council. This seven person board has been operating with only four members. At times it has been worse. Reaching a quorum should not be the struggle. The group has hung by a thread and been underminded to the brink of folding, just as the city itself is poorly managed.

One member of the board was appointed and never appears to the meetings. The appointements are squatters on the board.

Not liked so ignored. InsightsEdit

The mayor, the police chief and others have guarded questions about the concepts and powers of the Citizens Police Review Board. Many in the city don't like accountability. So, the mayor has made it a practice to starve the board of its members. The mayor has been abrasive to the board.

The citizens voted to create the board. The mayor feels that he doesn't need to listen to the votes of the citizens.



Nominee, DaltonEdit

In December, 2004, a new nominee to the board, Dalton, was introduced to City Council. She has some interesting backgrounds and perspectives as part of a violence prevention initiative with funding and employment at Great Lakes Behavioral Research and a connection to the county. She had documented some of the successes and failures. Their project looks at the Hill District, North Side, St. Clair Village and Beltzhoover. Might be wise to interview this individual for ideas. She attended CMU and worked in a public attorney's office as well.



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