PITTSBURGH CITY PAPER NEWSLETTER The latest additions as of: Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Main Feature

JUGGALOS ARE US (Main Feature) Get past the clown makeup, the violent lyrics and the sea of thrown soda and we're all about family, say Insane Clown Posse fans By: Melissa Meinzer - November 9, 2006 Insane Clown Posse has earned hero status among its self-identified outcast fans, called juggalos, and Pittsburgh is a juggalo hotbed.


FREEDOM CORNER PUSH: FREEDOM FROM CASINO (News Briefs) By: Margaret Welsh - November 9, 2006 A few voices are raised against a slots parlor for the Hill District

DOWNTOWN JANITORS SWEEP UP NEW PACT (News Briefs) By: Violet Law - November 9, 2006 After three years fearing owner rebellion against the old contract, a new agreement is hailed.


THE PENGUINS ARE EXCEEDING OUR WILDEST HOPES. (Left Field) These Pens look even better than we'd hoped By: Jody DiPerna - November 9, 2006

NEW USES FOR STEELERS SUNDAYS (Vox Pop) Get off the couch before the next Steelers drive sputters out By: John McIntire - November 9, 2006 You could consider actually devoting some of your Sunday to doing something productive, instead of drinking yourself into a stupor and eating yourself into a new pants size

WHEN GOOD SQUIRRELS GO BAD (This Just In) By: Frances Sansig Monahan - November 9, 2006


"THE NATURE OF LUCK" (Book Reviews & Features) November 9, 2006

LEGENDARY POET W.S. MERWIN RETURNS TO PITTSBURGH. (Book Reviews & Features) By: Bill O'Driscoll - November 9, 2006

On Stage

ATTACK THEATRE'S 10TH-ANNIVERSARY SHOW; PITT REP GETS A TOOTHACHE & A PLAGUE & A DOG. (Theater Reviews & Features) By: Bill O'Driscoll - November 9, 2006

WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? (Theater Reviews & Features) By: Ted Hoover - November 9, 2006

RAGTIME (Theater Reviews & Features) By: Ted Hoover - November 9, 2006

THE GREY ZONE (Theater Reviews & Features) By: Ted Hoover - November 9, 2006


FRANCO'S TRATTORIA (Dining Reviews) By: Angelique Bamberg and Jason Roth - November 9, 2006 At Franco's, the menu features traditional Italian-American cooking, with an emphasis on pasta, veal and seafood, with a dozen or more options for each.

On Screen

FILM KITCHEN DELIVERS LUNCH IN INDIA WITH THE DABBAWALLAS. (Movie Reviews & Features) By: Bill O'Driscoll - November 9, 2006

THE THREE RIVERS FILM FESTIVAL (Movie Reviews & Features) November 9, 2006 Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a new soundtrack; a study of old stag films; new films from Chris Marker and the Quay brothers; a drama from Burkina Faso; and a kandy-kolored tribute to the late "Big Daddy" Roth -- the Three Rivers Film Festival continues.

BABEL (Movie Reviews & Features) Save the Children By: Harry Kloman - November 9, 2006 Babel is about as good as an expensive, globe-trotting, Brad Pitt melodrama can get.


GLENN LIGON: SOME CHANGES TACKLES RACE AND IDENTITY AT THE WARHOL. (Art Reviews & Features) By: Janera Solomon - November 9, 2006

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