Memebers in 2008Edit


January 2008 hiresEdit

City civil service panel approves hiring ousted polsEdit

Monday, January 21, 2008, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Pittsburgh Civil Service Commission has voted to approve the hiring of C. Michael Turpin as an administrator in the city Finance Department.

"I would say he is highly, highly qualified," said commission member Cynthia McCormick, after a half-hour interview with Mr. Turpin last week.

Mr. Turpin, a 2005 school board candidate, left a job in the controller's office prior to Michael Lamb becoming controller this month.

Commission members interviewed former Councilman Jeff Koch earlier in the week and voted by e-mail to approve him as a special streets program supervisor in the Department of Public Works. He worked in that department before his 2006 election to council.

"The position of Public Works Director Guy Costa was that, given the urgency of the need to replan the salting and street sweeping routes, and Mr. Koch's experience, posting that position wasn't necessary," said commission member Joseph Kennedy.

A third city rehire, of Ron Deutsch as an administrative aide to Assistant Parks Director Dick Skrinjar, does not require commission action, members said. Mr. Deutsch was an aide to former Councilman Len Bodack.

All were hired by Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's administration.


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