Elections must be fair.Edit

Politics is painfully skewed to the corrupting influence of BIG Money.

Package of Clean Elections generally include: Edit

  1. Contribution limits to campaigns
  2. Improved disclosure of contributions
  3. Public Financing of Elections

Candidates file campaign contribution disclosure paperwork a few times before the elections. Citizens wait for reporters to root around in the papers, which are expensive to photocopy, and then trust that they will connect the dots. Bob O'Connor's major contributors are land developers whom he's been very helpful to in the past, and they're clearly expecting big payback once he's in office when he launches his own downtown redevelopment plan, or the pandering, impractical but romatically appealing plan to put a streetcar line back between downtown and Oakland.

Public financing of elections.Edit

  • Tax campaign advertising.
  • Use round-up donations on utility bills.

We all pay for corruption. We can either pay for more honest candidates up front or pay big time for corrupt candidates who give away tax breaks to developers, corporations or contracts to their campaign contributors.


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