Clean Water Campaigns in PAEdit

A continuing drought watch in Pennsylvania is not the only reminder that we must protect and conserve water. National and state-level campaigns are urging consumers to use water responsibly. Campaigns emphasize water’s importance in public health and fire protection, supporting the economy and sustaining our quality of life.

The Pennsylvania Senate joined the public education effort with the passage of Senate Resolution 259, recognizing Drinking Water Week. The measure unanimously passed the Senate on May 1, 2006:

The Public Utility Commission (PUC) reached out with the “Prepare Now: Be Water-Wise” campaign stressing the importance of using water wisely to save both a valuable resource and money by lowering bills and avoiding shutoffs. The PUC offers “Water: We All Always Need It”: The brochure helps make sense of your water bill and explains how water rates are set.

The American Water Works Association (AWWA), in its 125th year of operation, shares the history of drinking water, conservation tips, facts on specific contaminants, and information on how to receive a report on your water quality. Educating and engaging youth in water conservation gets a boost from the multitude of resources on the AWWA website. You can also explore “Youth Education” at the AWWA’s consumer website:

The Department of Environmental Protection provides Pennsylvanians disaster information related to water availability and disinfection. You will find boil water advisory precautions; guidance on private well water testing, and preparations for terrorist threats among other helpful information. See “Drinking Water Emergencies - Public Preparation and Response”:

The Drought Information Center:


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